​​​​​​​​​​Pre-Performance Preparation

Shower before Performance

Deodorant Is Mandatory

​If makeup is used (your choice) please keep it natural - no bright colors.

Girls Hair

Bun (not too high or low) for long hair.

Pulled back out of face if too short for bun.

Use hairspray/bobby pins/bun hairnet.

Things to bring to Performances

Water!!! We can't have dehydrated dancers!

Hair stuff, safety pins.

Don't forget: Ghillies,/Outfit/Black Shorts/Socks

Muscle care equipment.


Extra pair of socks

Outer shoes to protect ghillies.

Purchase Sources

Kilt - buyakilt.com - kiltsociety.com

Budget 8 yard kilt.

They are in Edinburgh Scotland, so you can save postage if you combine orders with someone else on the team.

Team Shirts

Grey Short Sleeve -  $12.00

Black Long Sleeve - $18.50

(See Caroll to Order)

​​Ghillies & Vest Buttons - Highlandxpress.com
Call Linda, (248) 573-7849 - she is awesome to work with. She will send you two pairs of shoes to ensure a comfortable fit. Sending back unwanted pair is at your expense.
Tracing of both feet required - scan and upload with order. 

Socks - www.UTKilts.com
Cream Kilt Socks, $8 - Utah company, great to work with, good quality and super fast shipping.

Required Outfits

Men                                              Women

Sporran                                         Sports bra (Good One)

Kilt                                                 Kilt

White dress shirt - short sleeve     White shirt - lace puffy sleeves

Belt                                                Vest

Kilt Hose (Cream) + Flashes         Kilt Hose (Cream) + Garters

Black Spandex Shorts                   Black Spandex Shorts

Ghillies                                           Ghillies

                                                       Aboyne Skirt/Plaid/Brooch



                                                       Aboyne short white socks.

Sailors Hornpipe                            Director's Checklist     

Navy Pants/White Stripe                  Swords  

White V-neck short-                          Music     

sleeved shirt                                     Music Program        

Striped Insert                                    Dance Program

Sailor Collar                                      Zip Ties

Sailor Hat                                          Flag Poles


                                                          Wire Cutters


                                                          HBD Banner & Cord